The Forms - Southern Ocean 7
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  • The Forms - Southern Ocean 7
  • The Forms - Southern Ocean 7

The Forms - Southern Ocean 7
$0.00 + Optional Donation ($15 suggested)

Southern Ocean is the glorious new single from New York duo The Forms. The first release in a decade from the Queens based band, the track was recorded by Steve Albini, who has recorded both of The Forms’ albums to date: their Pitchfork lauded debut Icarus and their critically acclaimed, self-titled sophomore album.

The meticulously crafted leftfield pop that The Forms create is at once both infectious and intriguing. Unflinching musical experimentalism is stretched to the brink of pop immediacy, resulting in hands in the air anthems rendered with crisp, hyper-realistic precision.

Southern Ocean is the first hint of what is to come from The Forms’ upcoming third album. It serendipitously arrives just as National Geographic cartographers announce that the swift current circling Antarctica is worthy of their own name: the Southern Ocean. The single includes a surprise B side!

Pressing Information

Limited run of 300 7" with jackets hand-screened in Rockaway Beach, NYC.


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